The difference.

With our collections of modern and high-quality polo shirts we dress hunters and marksmen for the warm and cold months of the year.

Whether on the hunt, at the shooting range or in your further leisure time, the timeless and sporty design of our polo shirts offers you a look that blends tradition and modernity perfectly. 

The offered colour combinations combine fashionable design and hunting benefits, so that this high-quality product can not only be worn for hunting.

The selected colour combinations are partly in a colour spectrum that is very difficult to perceive by wild animals. In addition, the contrast details can blur the contours of the surroundings, creating a camouflage effect that makes the use of camouflage clothing superfluous. In the green of our polo shirts, the amount of blue is reduced in such a way that it is less visible to deer-like people.

The shoulder patch adapted to the size of the polo shirt not only offers an individual look, but also cushions the recoil of your gun through its padding. Whether at the ball stand or when shooting clay pigeons, the shock absorber allows you to make your training session more pleasant. Especially for beginners it offers additional comfort, which is advantageous for a fast and successful learning effect.

The high-quality and very robust pique fabric from which our polo shirts are made is one of the best fabrics currently available on the market. It is ring-spun from combed cotton and then enzymatically treated in a special process, resulting in a very soft and comfortable structure for a pique fabric of this strength.